Evan & Kristy Smoot

… and “Walker”

The Barn on Boundary started with a little idea that turned into a big dream. All of my family and in-laws are grain farmers, and when you have a barn on your property that can’t store equipment, it’s time to take it down. I went out in our barn for the first time and fell in love with the original woodwork and ceiling timbers with bark still intact. Our barn was full of old lawnmowers, cars, tractors, tools, old hay, and countless amount of horse manure. When I first told my friends and family I personally wanted to get married in the barn, they all looked in the barn and said I was crazy. Maybe I was, it was a huge project to clean up and to get it to where I considered a perfect wedding venue for me. We all made an agreement we would clean it out first and see what we had underneath all the debris.

With a lot of blood, sweat, and tears we cleaned, power washed, scraped, and busted out concrete to make my dream come true. We now have 8,600 sq. feet of authentic barn including old antiques, love letters from 1912, and livestock scales all found within to display to our guests and brides. We have a wedding loft which had to be completely renovated upstairs for couples to share their vows and create memories for their families. On our lower level is the main reception area where we left two original horse stalls with the names still engraved into the stall doors and horse feeders. We also have an outdoor covered patio space for dancing, dining and cocktail hour.

What I love the most is to look back on what we have accomplished as a family, all from my crazy idea of preserving our barn. This was not a business plan when we started renovating. It was all about hosting our own wedding with family. Our guests at our wedding were the ones who pushed and what drove me to pursue the proper channels to get the business to where it is today. All generations can appreciate the history and architecture of what our barn can offer. Guests always comment that our barn has so much character, an open floor plan and great ceiling height throughout. The opportunity to let others enjoy our barn and to have a special place in their hearts is what our business is all about. I take great pride in providing families with an experience and the atmosphere to make their event memorable. If interested in more information about our barn please visit our Facebook page or Instagram account: @thebarnonboundary.